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About the Site

Dedicated to literal wild things, wild ideas, and hopefully wild laughter.

The                                     has 140 essays on parachuting beavers, thundersnow, horrifying 3-metre "Bobbit" worms, exploding trees, apple-core morality & more. A few satirical bits on GMO bacteria which exude Milk of Human Kindness, & such-like are kicking around, too. Some recent essays are highlighted below. 

A Reader Favourite

Who Is In Charge?

Your cat, or your poop, may have made you do it!

Treeconomics 101:

The Colour of Health

New Threat to

Beech Trees.

Oh Joy!

They Kill Trees and Salamanders

Worms Make Me Bonkers.

I was bonkers once.

I got locked in a room.

There were worms in the room.

Worms-did you say worms?

Worms Make Me Bonkers!

Old Tires:
Toxic to gardens.
Known to rise from the dead.
Please recycle them properly. 
New Oak Disease!
How Exciting!

Trees Can't Hold Their Breath

How Flooding Affects Trees

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The Biology
of Happy
Pangolin_borneo (1)_edited_edited