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Natural History

This heading is only a tiny bit less vague than "Everything," which was my original choice. Natural History comprises, well all that is or was once alive, including plants, animals, fossils, fossil fuels, fossorial moles, ossified old guys, and fungi. It's inevitable these categories overlap here and there. For example, emerald ash borers belong in the tree category (if not in actual trees), and in the invasive-species section. Very few facts have been made up. Please share your anecdotes, or excoriate me for glaring errors you find, by emailing me. Thanks. I hope you find something you enjoy.

Look: A Shiny New Thing!

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Foraging for Free Food:
It's a WILD read!

Insects --and other things with too many legs. Technically we are not supposed to call insects "bugs" unless they are in the order Hemiptera, e.g. leafhoppers & giant diving beetles. I don't know who enforces these rules or what the penalties are, but I'm not taking any chances.

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