Who Is This Guy Anyway ?

Entirely off-grid and frequently off the wall, Paul Hetzler was raised by wolves, his two children, and various other wild things. When his dream of becoming a bear did not pan out, Mr. Hetzler spiraled into a steep moral decline, finally landing a job as an educator. Despite a busy schedule burning toast on the woodstove and embarrassing his offspring, he manages to write weekly natural-history essays for newspapers and magazines, and Public Radio in the US.

Hetzler's writing has appeared in Highlights for Children, Prime Number magazine, and was featured in the British medical journal The Lancet. Ever the optimist, he hopes one day to burn less toast. His first book of essays was released in October 2018 (see the link on the Home page), with a completed second volume under contract. Also, he has an unpublished coming-of-age novel featuring cool things like “characters” and “plot,” in case anyone wants to find him an agent.​ He lives in Val-des-Monts, Québec with his awesome wife Marie-Line. They have no cats.

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