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These articles and PowerPoint files are written for a general audience, and are intended to assist with outreach and education. Please feel free to use them for such purposes.

All I ask is that you email me at with a link to the venue or website upon publication. Thanks.

(About 150 more published articles can be found on the Natural History Page.)

**If anyone is able to translate more of these articles    into French, I would be so grateful!**

Give me a shout, please.

The EAB Parasitoid presentation at the bottom is courtesy of Dr. Michael Jones, SUNY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Please get his permission before sharing that file. 

Mitigating Salt Injury

to Trees

Arbor Day

Topping Is Bad

for Everyone

Oak Wilt Prevention

"Mulch Volcanoes" 

Hurt Your Trees

Les "volcans de paillis" 

sont mauvais pour les arbres

Tree Cabling

Flooded Trees

Les arbres inondés

Fall Transplanting

Construction Damage

Dommages de construction

Tree Pruning:

Just Count to 3 

Exotic Worms

Threaten Forests

Beech Leaf Miner

Tree Selection

Early Leaf Colour

Means Trouble

Grey Squirrels and

Forest Ecology

Species Spotlight:

White Pine

Species Spotlight:


Species Spotlight:


Proper Planting

Spindle Galls on Leaves

Oak Wilt,

Another Take

Tar Spot & Other

Leaf Blemishes

Spotted Lanternfly

Species Spotlight:


Species Spotlight:

Sugar Maple

Timber Theft

Test Your Tree IQ

Twigs Tell

Tree Health

In Praise of

Natural Christmas Trees

Species Spotlight:


Health Benefits

of Trees


Black Locust

Species Spotlight:

Manitoba Maples

White Pine Needle

Damage General Public

Norway Maple:

Another Look


White Pine Needle

Damage Professionals

Check out the great videos at Cornell University's Urban Horticulture site:  

PowerPoint Files:

And these

EAB Parasitoids

Dr. Michael Jones



Asian Worms

Threaten Forest Health

Oak Wilt

Tree Planting

Done Right

Proper Pruning

Spotted Lanternfly


Woolly Adelgid

Sugar Maples

in Peril

Tree Selection

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