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If It's Not Funny,

It's Not Science!

About the Site:

Dedicated to literal wild things, wild ideas, and hopefully wild laughter.

The Natural History Page has links to over 160 essays on parachuting beavers, thundersnow, horrifying 3-metre "Bobbit" worms, exploding trees, apple-core morality & more. Satirical bits on GMO bacteria which exude Milk of Human Kindness, & such-like are kicking around, too. Some recent essays are highlighted below. 

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Keep Your Well Water "Well"

Springtails Make Spring Smell Springy

Tough Trees for our
Changing Climate

Salvaging Wood Reduces CO2
MORE than Planting Trees!
The Secret to Eternal Youth:
Coffee, Lake Trout, and Shoelaces

Wooden You Know!

Satellites, Tires, Windows, and More:
All Made from TREES!

It Takes a Village to Raise a Forest

Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun (and so do other animals)!

Amazing Eels !!
Aroused Freud and Stumped Socrates

Pollinators Love Laid-back Gardeners!

unless you're too relaxed already...

Stop Mowing!                Stop Raking!

How Come They Get to Sleep All Winter and We Don't?

Animals that



Grave Health Effects

of Wood-Smoke Pollution !

They Kill Trees, Wildflowers,
Songbirds &

 Crazy Worms drive me bonkers...

Amynthasagrestis (1).jpg
The Biology
of Happy
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